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First Tactical Medicine Fellowship in Texas is Here

Health Care Heroes in Every Sense of the Word, Running to the Danger

Texas Tech University Health Sciences El Paso is putting together a team of health care heroes who will run toward danger to save victims of violent crimes before the scene is clear.

The newly formed TTUHSC El Paso Tactical Medicine Program includes the first Tactical Medicine Fellowship in Texas, and the fourth nationally. The fellowship is a one-year program, and a new fellow will be chosen every July. The team is led by Robert Root, D.O., an emergency medicine specialist who spent four years as an emergency medicine doctor in the U.S. Army.

TTUHSC El Paso’s tactical medicine team
From left, Robert Root, D.O.; Russell Baker, D.O.; Ryan Campbell, M.D.; and Stephen Schwartfeger, M.D.

Tactical medicine is a specialty in which health care providers, in this case physicians, respond to critical incidents to provide first aid to victims, law enforcement or anyone else at an ongoing crime scene. This new program can save lives because when rendering aid in a mass violence situation, minutes can make the difference between life and death.

“We’re trying to help in the best way we can. Unfortunately, there are people out there who try to hurt our communities through mass violence,” Dr. Root said. "These incidents aren’t new, but they are more salient. El Paso's experience in 2019 shows us that it can happen here, and we need to be prepared. We've all heard the motto ‘El Paso Strong,’ and this program is a concrete action to make El Paso stronger.”



At TTUHSC El Paso, we are committed to growing our own health care heroes and changing the state of health care in our Borderplex. For more information about how you can help, please contact or or visit

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